Some flight cost-sharing rules

The following are interpretations of the Federal Aviation Regulations as they regard pilots and passengers sharing the cost of private, non-commercial flights.

bullet RULE #1: A pilot must be the party intending to make a flight if the pilot desires to share the cost of a flight with passengers; a passenger must not be the party creating the need for a flight. However, a violation of the cost-sharing regulation would not occur if a pilot and passenger(s) have a common interest or need for a flight for which they agree to share in the costs.
bullet RULE #2: A pilot may not collect, or receive a benefit, for carrying property.
bullet RULE #3: The pilot and passenger(s) together must depart from the same airport and arrive and deplane at the same destination airport according to times, dates, and flight particulars determined by the pilot without influence from the passenger(s).

However, it is not a violation of the cost-sharing regulation if the pilot and passenger(s) agree to alter the planned route of flight or destination. For example, if a pilot and passengers are en route on a cost-sharing flight to a ski area and the passengers and pilot agree to change the destination, that is not contrary to the cost-sharing regulation. Similarly, weather or other circumstances equally affecting the pilot and passengers may alter the flight without violating the cost-sharing regulation.  

bullet RULE #4: A pilot may not collect money, or receive a benefit, from the passengers that is more than the pilot's “pro-rata share” of the cost of the flight. To learn more about what a “pro-rata share” may mean, click on “Federal Aviation Regulations.”

To learn more about what a “pro-rata share” may mean, click on FAA Regulations   

bullet RULE #5: The rules governing flight cost sharing apply to pilots, aircraft owners, and aircraft renters. An aircraft owner/renter hiring a commercial pilot to conduct a flight does not avoid application of the cost-sharing regulation.

However, an aircraft owner or renter who hires a commercial pilot may share with passengers the cost of a flight as long as the owner/renter does not receive more than his or her pro-rata share of the cost of a flight, including the cost of the pilot services.

Please review more information about flight cost sharing rules by clicking on FAA Regulations